Is it only by clothes, shoes and accessories can you express individual personality?
Create a recognizable style?

This is me is an innovative suitcase, which gives you unlimited possibilities to create your own unique image. Using modern technology, you can put a photo on a front of a suitcase, which reflects your inspiration, fantasies and ingenuity.

How to create This is me personalized suitcase?
All you have to do is to deliver us your photo/logo/pattern and we create an original design for you. You can create your own suitcase choosing from millions of images available in This is me datebase.If you like to design, play with colors, forms, This is me is just for you! If you like to stand out from the others, look for unconventional advertising solutions,This is me suitcase is your new Facebook on wheels!
This is me is a new brand on the market based on several years of experience on luggage market in Central and Eastern Europe. In our portfolio we have business leaders, Bubule brand and innovative This is me brand. This is me brand was created in a response to growing customer’s demand for distinctive and characteristic design. Functional and in a good quality, designed for individual clients.
This is me suitcase is treated as a trade mark around European Union protected by Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market Trade Marks and Designs, 002479097-0001). It is designed for both, individuals and companies.

We work quickly and efficiently thanks to organized network of stores in malls, shops online and sales representatives. All products have a two-year warranty and are delivered within 6 working days. We also apply discounts based on order quantity. .