1. How can I register myself on thisisme.pl?
    § 3 Registration
  2. How can I order the products on thisisme.pl?
    § 4 Orders
  3. How can I pay for the products on thisisme.pl?
    § 5 Payments
  4. What is the delivery time for the ordered products?
    § 6 Delivery
  5. How can I make a complaint?
    § 7 Complaints
  6. Do you accept returns?
    § 8 Repayment
  7. Is there may be differences in colors between the photo/graphics on the screen of my monitor and photo/graphics printed on the front of the ordered This is me suitcase?
    Yes, it can happen. Slight differences may result from the individual settings of your monitor.
  8. How do you protect my personal data in thisisme.pl?
    Privacy Policy