1. These regulations define the general terms and conditions for making purchases on thisisme.pl.

§ 1 Definitions

1. The seller and the owner of thisisme.pl is Fenicjanin Sp. z o.o. [Polish Real Estate Fund, joint-stock company] with registered office in Gdynia 81-589, ul. Lubczykowa 2a/1, entered to the entrepreneur register of National Court Register kept by the District Court of Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk, VIII th Economic Division of National Court Register under the number KRS 0000549141, tax id. no. [NIP] PL9581668476, statistical no. [Regon] 361050811.
2. All rights, including copyrights and intellectual property rights, rights to thisisme.pl, its name, its internet domain, store website, as well as to patterns, forms, logos posted on thisisme.pl belong to the seller, and can be used by third parties only in the manner specified in, and in accordance with the regulations, and with a written consent of the seller.
3. The seller reserves the right to add to thisisme.pl advertising of products, third parties’ products and services.
4. It is forbidden to use thisisme.pl by the Customers for sending unsolicited commercial information.

§ 2 Terms of Use

1. Use of thisisme.pl may take place only under the terms and within the scope indicated in the regulations.
2. To make an order on thisisme.pl, the Customer has to provide complete and true data (name, address, phone.). In the case of providing false data, the Customer shall bear liability for any damage resulting from it.
3. Customer is not authorized to intervene whatsoever in contents, structure, form, graphics, function mechanism of thisisme.pl.
4. Customer is not authorized to supply contents of illegal character and to use thisisme.pl in a way that is in conflict with the law, good manners or third party’s personal rights or legitimate interests of the seller.
5. Customer is authorized to use resources of thisisme.pl entirely for his own. It is not allowed to use thisisme.pl for the purpose of conducting business activity by the Customer or such activity that would infringe on interests of the seller.
6. Seller states that the public character of the internet and use of services provided electronically may involve a risk of acquisition, and modification of the Customers’ data by unauthorized persons, therefore the Customers should apply appropriate technical means to minimize the above risks. In particular, they should use anti-virus software and identity protection software for use on the internet.

§ 3 Registration

1. To make an order on thisisme.pl, the Customer has to provide complete and true data (name, address, phone.). The registration in the system is free of charge.

§ 4 Orders

1. Information included on thisisme.pl is not seller’s offer, in terms of Civil Code, yet an invitation for the Customers to make contract offers for purchasing the products.
2. Customer may place orders on thisisme.pl for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
3. Customer makes an order by selecting products of choice and clicking “Add to bucket” option below a given item available at the store. After completing his selection and indicating the delivery method and payment method, the Customer places the order. Each time before the order is sent to the seller it is shown the total price for the selected products and the total cost of chosen method of delivery.
4. Placing an order is equal to submitting to the seller contract offers for purchasing chosen products.
5. The seller sends to the Customer via email information about details of his order.
6. Prices of given products on thisisme.pl:
1. do not include information of delivery costs, about which the Customer will be informed at the moment of making a choice on the delivery method.
2. do not include information of possible customs duties, if the delivery address is outside the territory of Poland.
3. information of the total value of the order is specified each time in the “Add to bucket”, when the Customer has already chosen the delivery method and payment method.
7. Customer may get information about the status of his order via email:
1. submitted – the information that the order has been placed successfully.
2. paid – the information that payment to thisisme.pl has gone through.
3. queued for printing – the information that the ordered product is in the process of producing.
4. sent  – the information that the package was sent to the courier. Along with information on the shipping the Customer will also get an email with the tracking number so that he can track his shipment until its receipt.

§ 5 Payment

1. Customer may choose the following methods of payment for ordered products:
1. a pre-payment by credit card.
2. a transfer to the indicated bank account.
3. via the PayU/PayPal system.                                            

 § 6 Delivery

1. Each submitted order is processed after the payment is received on thisisme.pl.
2. Ordered products are delivered to the Customer by professional supplier (DHL, DPD) at given address in the registration on thisisme.pl.
3. The total delivery time consists of: production: (file preparation, printing, quality control and packaging = 80% of the delivery time), shipping (20% of the delivery time).
4. Each product is delivered within 9 days – standard, 6 days – express.
5. In case of shipment abroad to a country not being a member of the EU, the Customer agrees to cover all the customs duties applicable in a given country, including customs control duties.
6. The service is provided only while stocks last. In case, the delivery is not possible, Fenicjanin Sp. z o.o. undertakes to immediately notify this fact to the Customer. If the Customer has paid for the service, its value will be returned immediately.
7. Seller sends the Customer via mail a VAT invoice for the delivered products.
8. In case of the Customer’s absence at the address given in the registration, supplier’s employee shall make an attempt to contact the Customer by phone to effectively deliver ordered products.

§ 7  Complaints

1. Customer should check the received parcel in the presence of supplier’s employee, and should especially check if the products were damaged during the delivery.
2. Customer has the right to demand that the supplier’s employee writes a proper report in case of loss or damage of the parcel. Within 10 working days Fenicjanin Sp. z .o.o will send to the Customer a re-ordered product at no extra cost or will refund money.
3. Customer has the right to refund the ordered product withing 30 days from the delivery, in case the product has technical defects. Customer is obliged to contact direct to the seller. Within 10 working days Fenicjanin Sp. z .o.o will send to the Customer a re-ordered product at no extra cost or will refund money.
4. Note! In order to ensure the highest quality printing on a suitcase we recommend that when selecting an image on the front suitcases use files with the following dimensions:
– 4077×6206 pixels and a resolution of 300 dpi for suitcases in size Small
– 4855×7475 pixels and a resolution of 300 dpi for suitcases in size Medium

It is possible to print files from a minimum size of 1500 x 1500 pixels and a resolution of 300 dpi, but it can affect print quality. Thisisme.pl bears no liability for print quality, if uploaded files will not meet the minimum requirements specified above. In the case of sending by the Customer a graphic file in other dimensions than the above subject, the product will not be subject to complaint.
Thisisme.pl bears no liability for copyright images used by the Customer while creating This is me suitcase. If you have questions, please contact us by email or phone.

§ 8 Refunds

1. Note! This is me suitcase can not be turned!
According to the Law on Consumer Rights dated 30 May 2014. Art. 38. The right to withdraw from a contract concluded away from business premises or at a distance is not granted to the Consumer in respect of contracts which include the object that is non-prefabricated, manufactured according to the specifications of the Consumer or made for Consumer’s individual needs.
2. Terms of refund of Bubule suitcase:
If the Customer changes his mind regarding the purchase of Bubule suitcase, he has 30 days from the day of delivery of the product to refund it without reason. Refunded in this way, the product will be accepted only if it is sent back in an original packaging with complete contents; also, the product and accessories must be intact, without any traces of use.
3. In case the seller should make a refund of payment made by the Customer, refund method depends on the method of the initial payment made to the seller:
1. in case of payment made “upfront” through bank transfer, the seller performs refund to the Customer’s bank account.
2. in case of payment made “upfront” with use of the PayU electronic payment system, the seller performs refund to the Customer’s bank.
3. in case of payment made “upfront” with use of the PayPal electronic payment system, the seller performs refund to the Customer’s bank account.
4. Seller bears no liability for not performing the refund or for its delay, if the Customer fails to provide effective information at the right time.

§ 9 Gratuitous Services

1. Customer can publish individual and subjective comments that concern products on thisisme.pl. By posting and sharing contents
the Customer declares that:
1. posting and sharing personal data, images and information related to third parties has occurred in lawful and voluntary way and with the consent of persons concerned.
2. gives other Customers and the seller the permission to view published contents.
Customer is not authorized to:
3. post the contents of an advertising and promotional character.
2. Seller bears the responsibility for the contents posted by the Customers in case he has received the notification in accordance with Section 11 of the regulations.
3. Abandonment of the gratuitous service referred to in Section 9 Paragraph 1 is possible at any moment by ceasing to post contents by the Customer.
4. In case of receiving confirmation in accordance with Section 11 of the regulations, the seller reserves the right to modify or remove contents posted by the Customers. The seller does not oversee the posted contents on a constant basis.

§ 10 Responsibility

1. Seller bears no responsibility for failure to perform or for improper performance of the services provided electronically, if the failure is attributable to third parties (in particular ITC operators, ITC connection providers and energy providers).
2. Seller bears no responsibility for impossibility or difficulties in using thisisme.pl resulting from reasons attributable to the Customer, in particular for loss of the Customer’s personal data or acquisition of his personal data by third party. The seller is liable, though, if the Customer’s loss or acquisition of his personal data by third party occurred due to reasons for which the seller bears responsibility under the terms of these regulations.
3. The sole source of the seller’s obligations are terms of these regulations and the applicable laws.

§ 11 Reporting a Risk or Violation

1. In case the Customer or other person or subject deems that the contents published on thisisme.pl violates their rights, personal goods, good manners, morals, beliefs, rules of fair competitiveness, know-how, secrets protected by law or by obligation, he/she may notify the seller about the potential violation.
2. The seller notified about the potential violation immediately takes actions of removing from thisisme.pl the contents that are causing the violation.
3. Seller ensures the possibility to erase personal data from the managed collection. Seller may deny to remove the personal data, if the Customer has not fulfilled payment obligations towards seller or violated applicable laws and keeping of that personal data is necessary to investigate the matter and to determine the Customer’s responsibility.
4. Seller protects personal data and makes every effort to protect it against unauthorized access or exploitation. The collection of the Customers’ personal data is treated as a separate database, stored on the seller’s server, in a special safety zone that ensures proper protection.
5. Seller does not provide, sell or lend collected personal data of the Customers to other persons or institutions, unless that happens with a clear consent of the Customer or in accordance with applicable laws or at the request of the court, police or other authorized organs, in case of violation of the law by the Customers.

§ 12 Final Provisions and Changes to the regulations

1. Regulations are valid from the day of publishing on thisisme.pl.
2. Regulations may be changed. All changes are valid from the day of publishing on thisisme.pl.
3. All orders are processed on the basis of the regulations, that was in force on the day of placing the order by the Customer.
4. In case a dispute arises on the grounds of concluded sales agreement, the parties shall endeavor to solve the matter amicably. The applicable law for settling disputes born on the basis of these regulations between the Customer and the seller is the Polish Law and the applicable court is the court with the jurisdiction over the seller’s registered office.
5. The regulations come into force on the 01.02.2016.