This is me suitcase as advertising gadget

Advertising gadgets for clients, such as promotional accessories, gifts items are a regular part of promotion strategy and professional customer service. Although you can find anything you like on the market now, companies most often follow the path of common ideas, calendars, pens, mugs, umbrellas etc. Why do not find something totally new and genuine? Something that really distinguishes your client between others?


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Suitcase, travel bag is associated more with heavy luggage, packaging, lifting. This is me brand moves beyond these spread schemes, offering personalized suitcases called This is me as a promotional gift. Light and functional suitcase with a photo of your brand logo on its front will build a modern and vibrant image of the company. No matter what is your business branch. if you are selling wedding dresses, running a sports team or language school. What matters is your creativity and individual customer preferences.

Corporate Communication

This is me personalized suitcase appear at corporate events, opening ceremonies, network events, theme parties etc. Employees of a company have access to internal shop online, where they can buy a suitcase with the photo of brand logo or put their own images. They can choose photos of family, children, animals, landscape. In this way, This is me personalized suitcase create a friendly and inspiring corporate culture.

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