Pierwszy w Polsce kreator walizek.

This is me, My suitcase

We travel more and more, farther and farther. We reach the remotest corners of the world, both for business and leisure. At airports, hotels we meet countless amount of people, a mass of similar travelers. This is me personalized suitcase, on one hand will distinguish you from the others, on the other hand will fulfill practical functions, such as finding the suitcase on the luggage belt. Among travelers with This is me suitcase, there are: representatives of the Polish Bobsleigh & Skeleton Association, fans of The Witcher video game, top-popular stylists.

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This is me, My unusual holiday souvenir

Where do you usually buy suitcase, travel bag? In a store, shopping centers, shop online? What about buying luggage in a hotel or guest house, during your vacation? This is me personalized suitcase is not only an ordinary luggage that stores clothes but also helps to keep precious memories of your holiday. Instead of boring couple of beads as a holiday gift, choose a modern, unusual suitcase with the logo of hotel, where you spent wonderful time.

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This is me, My street-art

Minimalist swoosh, multi-layered composition of sparkling colors and surreal shapes, dark fantasy and industrial city - today's steet art is no longer a rowdy prank but a full-fledged part of an urban art and public space. Colorful images are appearing more often on t-shirts, dresses, hats, gloves, bags and backpacks. If you are a fun and admirer of rampant artistic expression, unconventional fashion and design, you were in Mexico and fell in love with the vivid colors on the walls, design your own suitcase inspired by street graffiti. "Sky is the limit" as they say.

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This is me, My hero

Sport is good for health, it is obvious but what is more important, sport is explosion of emotions, fascination and excitement. We love athletes for their beautiful bodies, big successes, big returns. We support them with huge engagement, fly to the other end of the world for competitions, championships or world cups. They are our heroes, masters, figures of fantasy and dreams. For them we are ripping off our throats on the stadiums, jumping and yelling on the tribunes. Do you want to traverse the world with Robert Lewandowski at your side? Lounge the hotel lobby with Lionel Messi under your arm? Choose your favorite athlete and put his picture on the front of This is me suitcase.

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This is me, Highlight your brand

For a myriad of consultants, sales representatives, managers, directors of corporations who spend almost every day in trains, airplanes, at conferences and trade fairs, This is me personalized suitcase is the same part of the dress code as a notebook, business card or outfit. Just the same important, emphasizing the style and prestige of the company. In the flood of similar suitcases, This is me personalized suitcase with individually designed logo will not confuse your company with the competitor. Choose an elegant logo design for financial industry or modern geometry one for advertising agency.

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This is me vision

Explore, express, inspire, travel, create ...


Our designers

You can create your own suitcase using photos and graphics placed in This is me datebase but you can also choose among projects prepared by our designers. We collaborate with creative, enthusiastic artists for who design is passion.


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We work quickly and efficiently thanks to an organized network of stores in malls, shops online and sales representatives. All products have a two-year warranty and are delivered within 6 working days. We also apply discounts based on order quantity. We invite you to cooperation.

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